"With this potty tool you will eliminate in 27 minutes and less than 5 euros investment the bottleneck of your website visitors and customers"


"… How you can win new customers with a suprising easy customer acquisition strategy while your competitors desperately tear their hairs…"


Dear entrepreneur and friend,
when was the last time you relaxed sit back and say?
"I regular gain new visitors and customers on the Internet and I have created a lasting and stable revenue"
Probably not even?!

Most likely you will encounter on the lookout for visitors and customers rather following problems:

  • In social networks, where you can easily get to new visitors you are for any attempt to sell something "stoned" and feel like the worst door salesman at the vent all your bad mood
  • Your comments on other blogs with a link to your sales pages are not connected freely because the blogger's classification as "spam"
  • And in forums, you must justify selfless guardians of public morals why you recommend a really good product
  • You have just again about 500$ invested in search engine advertising and just won a customer. How should ever pay off?
  • The last banner you had connected in a network have brought you less than 1 click per thousand impressions, the only customer you have won has also canceled your product
  • Slowly you wonder if only the other (ad networks, payment providers, etc.) make money and how damn your competition may be so obvious successfully
  • They are desperate and think seriously about to finish your excursion to the Internet

What you just feel what you are experiencing, this is the "normal" Martyrdom of 97% of all entrepreneurs who want to generate income on the internet.
Writes e.g. Bernd Lukoschek to his experience with paid advertising:

Kundenmeinungen über TrustWizz - Bernd Lukoschek -

"With paid advertising, I hat no or small success. I was frustrated and about to give up. Then I became aware of TrustWizz. TrustWizz is awesome for me."

Was it to Bernd Lukoschek that he could not win customers with paid advertising?
Definitely not. Because he is not an isolated case, but one of many who have done exactly this experience.

The system of the advertising industry is designed to make money in the first step of the advertising network operator, then the second on the side of the advertising is switched. You as a third in the league have the least impact although you finance the other two.

You can either select the Visitors to advertise, nor can you control the placement of the advertisement page exactly. They rely on the expertise of the operator and the website of the advertiser network.
They are more interested in this, that the banner is clicked as is often shown in the nature of things. Many advertising networks are paid per ad per click, not the banner on the banner.
But only the precious clicks on your ads that lead to potential prospects to you.

Unfortunately, it's the ad networks do not care, because they have enough affluent customers who are not dependent on the clicks, but simply run image ads and love are ready for it, some ten thousand Euros per month to invest that her name be liable for internet surfers remains.

  1. Pick your visitors yourselves out to get real prospects:

    If you place advertisements in search advertising networks from these pages for your advertising. So it may be that the visitors to this site does not use "real" interest in your advertising has because the keyword is just randomly in the text and this actually deals with a different topic.

    However, choose your own visitors, for example in social networks, forums or on other blogs, then you know exactly what topic interest for this and the chances that their advertising hits the mark are much higher.

  2. Select the most appropriate page for your advertising so that it takes over the sales work for you:

    If you can select the page for your personalized advertising, you not only have the opportunity to write a targeted advertisement, but can use the Internet as underlying sales page.
    Look for pages that the problem that your product or service solves and describe your solution is much more likely to be perceived as an inappropriate advertisement on an uninteresting side, a so-called banner cemetery.

  3. Create highly effective advertising medium with which not everyone rambles on but every other "spectator" your visitor and potential customer is:

    With a 0815 banner you have little chance to win and thus visitor clicks today. Just about every thousandth "spectator" clicks on your banner.

    However, they offer effective advertising media such as a lightbox, so you can increase the click through rate significantly.

    Adjust also the other two factors such as the optimal site for visitors and advertising click-through rates are up to 50%, that of clicks every second "audience" is possible.

You probably think this is all well and good, but how to apply these 3 tips for now for me without a special tool or a particular strategy?

The answer is: not at all.

And it gives you a huge advantage over your competitors who without this surprisingly easy to implement strategy and without easy to use tool have no chance to get even a small chunk in the shark tank.

But how does this tool work? How TrustWizz works exactly and how you can create a new, targeted advertising campaign the foundation for your first customer after 27 minutes, NO MATTER what website is the best for your advertising?


How to win customers with TrustWizz

TrustWizz is the unanimous opinion of the simplest customer acquisition tools on the Internet.

With just 4 steps, you can either convert your daily activities on the Internet in online revenue or deliberately attract customers.

  1. Choose a product or service from which you want to sell
  2. Search for an article from a well known website that describes the problem that you can solve with your offer
  3. Create an advertising medium, for example a lightbox, a header banner or a side banner
  4. Distribute the TrustWizz link example in social networks, forums, blogs (including your own blogs), newsletters, etc.

Thus, the Internet user, for example Your fan or contact from a social network your customer:

  1. The Internet user clicks on your link, which points to an interesting article
  2. He reads the article
  3. He sees your advertising message, for example after leaving the site in the form of a lightbox or a header banner
  4. He clicks on the link in the advertising and so your reader or customer of your product or service





TrustWizz uses one of the most effective advertising strategies that has evolved in recent years, the advertising industry: s uses the celebrity status to make the product advertized attractive and thus increase sales.

What you experience every day in television advertising when you once again a celebrity wants to sell a new product, continues to TrustWizz for you, without you having to invest a six-figure sum to the booking of celebrities.

Thus, the well-researched and written articles of a renowned website supports you in selling your products and services, as the trust of your prospects will be transferred to the well-known website to your product.


agency package

No test price

199 $ monthly

Unlimited number of campaigns - also or customer projects -
Memberarea with video and text instructions
Money-back guarantee 14 days
Friendly support by telephone and mail
monthly payment  

customers favorites

1 $ for 14 days trial

19 $ * per month thereafter.

Unlimited number of campaigns - only for your own projects -
Memberarea with video and text instructions
Money-back guarantee 14 days
Friendly support by mail
Payment every 3 months each 57 $


No test price

16 $ monthly

Just one campaign - only for your own projects -
Memberarea with video and text instructions
Money-back guarantee 14 days
Friendly support by mail
Payment annually each 192 $

All prices are plus VAT of your country.


Kundenmeinungen und Feedback zu TrustWizz Martin Ficza

"I bought your genius TrustWizz and I'm thrilled."


This is the technology behind TrustWizz

TrustWizz is an online portal that allows its users to view any website in a frame, called a iframe.

As an internet user, so the one who clicked on the TrustWizz link, technically and legally on the portal page of the TrustWizz-user (more-lesen.net …) is that he has the surfing experience the feeling he on the page that is displayed to him in the iframe, is staying.
Thus, the online portal TrustWizz can offer its users the power to switch the desired advertising on the respective TrustWizz page on the online users studied selected from TrustWizz users online.


Kundenmeinung zu TrustWizz von Torsten Bahlo

"Ladies and Gentlemen,

use for the past six weeks
I now TrustWizz the program, and am more than satisfied.

The possibilities are
infinity by the extensive dashboard. The possibilities are
additional options on the homepage of TrustWizz supplemented generously. there is
one among other complementary tools, useful links, and above all a
thoughtful video guide that helps much more. All additional tools
Links and Videos are constantly being upgraded and expanded. the
Website of TrustWizz is very tidy and comes in a bright
friendly colors. Anyone looking for a tool to promote their projects, this is the
great product highly recommended. Alternatively, the product is also
use or otherwise, for example, generate traffic, redirect to their own
Homepage etc, The imagination knows no boundaries. Overall, I would
personally give the product TrustWizz 100 points out of 100. it makes
really a lot of fun with this easy to use and efficient tool
to work. So my warmest recommendation to strictly define this product.

Best regards!"


TrustWizz is legal

Behind TrustWizz is an international consultant and attorney team that has created an internationally usable secure customer acquisition strategy for users of TrustWizz.

The underlying technology of the Iframes used by many reputable Internet companies and search engines.

Buchen Sie über diesen Link den 14-Tage-Test vom TrustWizz Kundenfavoriten




With innovative customer acquisition strategies, it may happen that sprout a superficial look at a new strategy concerns. We like to go on this one.

Perhaps the TrustWizz team is naive, but …

The TrustWizz-founders want to give all parties an advantage and therefore they have TrustWizz also designed so that it does

The following advantages in a more concrete picture for those involved in customer acquisition with TrustWizz.


These are the advantages of attending a TrustWizz Links

As a smart online entrepreneur you distribute yourself or let the TrustWizz distribute links to places on the Internet where your potential customers reside.

Each Web page or opportunity (eg, a newsletter) where you can leave a short text and link is suitable.
This can for example Be your own or even foreign fan pages on Facebook or any other social networks, blog or forum.
In social networks you give your contacts more valuable information in the article you link to quality sites of known and additionally turn "on" your furnished in these pages TrustWizz advertising.
So save yourself the work to create all the high-quality products themselves, but do not lose like a normal link to connect to the visitors won by you.
The benefits of attending a TrustWizz Links at a glance:
  • Your contacts will receive high quality products with inter-esting further information
  • Targeted advertising, so this does not bother the visitors


These are the advantages of TrustWizz for blog and forum operators

As operators of their own blogs and forums know the TrustWizz operators how annoying spam posts and Psydodiskussionen in forums can be.

Therefore TrustWizz creates with its links to quality content that help visitors to a blog or a forum to the participants a good foundation for a fruitful discussion.

Because not bad researched own affiliate pages or information pages linked from sale without the blog comments or forum posts evaluates a post with TrustWizz link to the discussion. This is comparable with a normal link to an interesting article that further helps the visitors of the blog or forum with a specific problem.
The only difference is that when using the tip TrustWizz encoder, information distribution as a thank you for his efforts has the ability to turn an additional advertising "to" the product side, so that he can obtain a commission or revenue.
The advantages for the blog and forum operators at a glance:
  • Quality discussions / comments
  • More comments / posts and therefore a better ranking on the search engines
  • More visitors to the blog or forum by the Better Ranking
  • More revenue through advertising on the better visited blog or forum for the operator


These are the advantages of TrustWizz for the reputation website operator 

The operator of a reputation side is usually the leader or the first point in the respective industry.

Over the years he has built up a good reputation and offers well-researched articles on his subjects.

The work pays off, there are more and more visitors to its website.

The stream of visitors it monetized through advertising and possibly through the sale of its products or offer a newsletter.

Is one of his articles, a website selected by a TrustWizz users in these TrustWizz portal new visitors will be presented.
However, their extraction takes the TrustWizz users, so that the reputation of website operator has no additional expense for these additional visitors.
As indicated in its TrustWizz portal page is available for the visitors as in a normal browser receives the page operators continue its revenues for clicks on its advertising or visitors will be redirected to the desired sub-pages.
Depending on the setting by the user is eg TrustWizz only the advertising medium of TrustWizz displayed after leaving the site so that the site operator reputation already achieved advertising revenue.
The advantages for the reputation site operators at a glance:
  • More visitors without any extra effort
  • More revenue through the increase in visitor numbers, for example on advertising revenue
  • When closing the TrustWizz advertising medium, the visitor is led directly to the reputation page, so that Alexa and Google Analytics register a visitor



Kundenmeinungen über TrustWizz Andreas Pütz Coach

"…and I can only say that your reaction with TrustWizz is simple and awesome!"


agency package

No test price

199 $ monthly

Unlimited number of campaigns - also or customer projects -
Memberarea with video and text instructions
Money-back guarantee 14 days
Friendly support by telephone and mail
monthly payment  

customers favorites

1 $ for 14 days trial

19 $ * per month thereafter.

Unlimited number of campaigns - only for your own projects -
Memberarea with video and text instructions
Money-back guarantee 14 days
Friendly support by mail
Payment every 3 months each 57 $


No test price

16 $ monthly

Just one campaign - only for your own projects -
Memberarea with video and text instructions
Money-back guarantee 14 days
Friendly support by mail
Payment annually each 192 $

All prices are plus VAT of your country.



TrustWizz advertising and popup blocker

The banners will be displayed in spite of TrustWizz popup blocker, since they are no pop-ups.
To have the greatest possible chance that your advertising is displayed reliably.



No notice at TrustWizz

We want to give you maximum flexibility, so there is no notice period in TrustWizz.
You can at any time at the end of each accounting period, such as the end of the 14 days to the end of the year so cancel.

We would be happy if you give us for processing at least one business day, so that we can ensure that no unnecessary withdrawals occur.
Should this happen, of course, once you get back overpaid contributions.


The customer support of TrustWizz is the favorite child of the TrustWizz founder

We love our customers and that's why we live in a friendly, fast and competent customer support.
Our goal is that you within 24 hours receive a response by mail every weekday from us.

The partner program of TrustWizz

If you would like to make to the dissemination of the message of TrustWizz money, we appreciate if you join our affiliate program.
It's free and available for you after registration.
The technical and financial management via Digistore24, a German marketplace for digital products. This ensures that you always get a proper accounting and timely disbursement.
Book your TrustWizz access right now so that you can personally get a picture of TrustWizz before you recommend it to others.


Buchen Sie über diesen Link den 14-Tage-Test vom TrustWizz Kundenfavoriten